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Access Statement - The Old Dairy

Parking space within the gravel drive 9 metres from front door

Paved area immediately in front of door 3 metres wide

Threshold to doorway 6cm high door width 33″

Entrance Hall 148cm x 88cm leading to stairway consisting of

8 straight steps 3 turns 1 straight step to 1st floor

Landing 97cm x 104cm area

Bathroom door 76cm wide

80cm clearance from toilet to bath

110cm clearance between front of basin and bath

Bedroom 1 - 73cm wide doorway

Bedroom 2 75cm wide doorway

Clearance from bed foot to wall 80cm

Ground floor

Lounge door 80cm wide

Double door to garden 160cm wide

Step down to garden 4″

Garden part paved area 4 x 6 metre

Access Statement - The Granary

This cottage is on two levels the ground floor consists of one entrance hall one bathroom and one bedroom the first floor is open plan consisting of lounge/dining area.

The entrance to the cottage is over a gravel drive with parking directly outside of the front door. From the car to the gate leading into the cottage garden is a paved area measuring 180cm the gate measures 90cm wide. Through the gate the paved area continues to a width of 90cm. The area is all on one level.

Entrance door has 82cm opening with a small 3cm lip at the threshold. The entrance hall leads immediately onto the bathroom with a 72cm door width. The basin toilet and bath are in line having a clearance of 100cm from toilet to the wall, the basin has a clearance of 121cm from the wall.

From the entrance hall into the bedroom the door has a width of 75cm. The bed is 4′6″ wide 6′6″ long and 69cm high. Clearance from the furniture at the foot of the bed is 80cm and from left of bed to wall a clearance of 97cm. From the right of bed to the wall is 117cm.

The stairway is between two walls and measures 90cm clearance. There are 7 straight steps leading to 3 turns and a further 2 straight steps all measuring 18cm in height.

The single level first floor has a 1cm drop between the lounge and kitchen area where the flooring changes from carpet to linoleum.

All areas in the cottage other than the kitchen and bathroom are carpeted.